MS Office Files Open as Read- Only

It is being heard with several users that MS Office open as read-only. This seems to be annoying when your Word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations open with read-only mode. This usually happens when you try to open Office documents that are created with older version of MS Office. Your current version of MS Office running in your system always opens such file in a compatibility mode. Therefore, whenever you open files created with earlier versions, it is opened with read-only mode; you are not allowed to edit it directly.
Suppose that you have Office files created with Office 2003 and you attempt to open those files with MS Office 2010, the file will be opened under protected view. So, here is a solution to avoid MS Office file opening with a read-only mode:
• Open any Microsoft Office program installed o n your computer
• Press over the Office icon available at the top-left corner
• Select Options and open the Trust Center
• Continue to click on Trust Center settings
• Select Protected View option
• A list of protected view options will be display, disable any of the option by unticking on it
• Press on Ok button
You need to repeat this same procedure for all programs in the Microsoft Office suite (Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint).
Alternate approach: You try another approach to solve this read-onl issue with Office documents by re-saving it. The method is as follows.
• Open the Office file that opens with read—only mode
• Click on File -> Save as
• In the dialog box displayed, click on Tools option
• Select General Options
• Untick the option Read-Only Recommended option
• Continue to save the file
Open the file and see if the problem persists. If this works you can try the same approach with all other Office documents.

Apple Challenges Government Demand To Crack Drug Dealer’s iPhone In New York

Apple has challenged the U.S. Department of Justice over locked iPhone and the encrypted information which it contains. It is owned by a suspect methamphetamine distributor in New York that the iPhone 5s is supposed to contain sign of a drug conspiracy, central prosecutors said. The government claims that its experts can’t enter the locked iPhone and require Apple’s aid to get

The company’s lawyers claimed that the government has failed to prove it has tried all other means to crack the iPhone. Apple challenged the government’s authority to power tech firms to access encrypted data. The iPhone maker considers that the Justice Department has vanished too far in its use of the All Writs Act, the law raised by the government to force Apple to support in the investigation. “The government has completely failed to fulfill its burden to prove that Apple’s help in this case is essential,” Apple’s lawyers marked in a brief that The Court reject the government’s unsupported interpretation of the All Writs Act, and reject the government’s application.” Apple’s challenge trailed in the Eastern District of New York, tracks the unparalleled legal battle among the company and the FBI in San Bernardino, where the administration’s law administration powers were set to hit with consumer privacy and encryption knowledge in a courtroom

In San Bernardino, federal investigators wanted Apple’s aid to make new software to break into an iPhone used by Syed Farook, who was with its wife killed 14 people and injured 22 in a mass gunfire in 2015. Last week, the Justice Department set that the court order force Apple to help, even after the weird and unexpected turn of events in San Bernardino. “The government remains to require Apple’s help in accessing the data which is approved to search by warrant,” federal prosecutors wrote.

Apple’s lawyers said they will push the government to verify why the San Bernardino method can’t work on the New York iPhone as well as they will ask the government technicians to  indicate what other methods they have tried, and will need them to disclose the extent of their search to find outside gatherings that may be able to assist. In San Bernardino fight, the Justice Department said that the Apple alone had the capability to access the device.

About Rising To The Top In Cloud Services

In this article you let us know about which cloud service provider is the best with the help of “2016 Connected Subscriber Report” a recent Salesforce study.

imagesFirst of all let us consider the cloud service provider is providing sound service and is satisfying the needs of the customers and consider that the customers do not hate the service. In the study there are three keys that had hit by the Salesforce, which are looked in general by the communications service providers.

The first key finding:

“The subscribers of Millennial are 79% which are more when compared with 55% in order to research their wireless provider, telecom carriers or Cable Company before entering into contracts”.

The decision of how people come to buy is important and according to this information, Millennials are doing it in more collaborative ways when compared to Baby Boomers. As an indicator CSPs should take this to the buyers are likely multiple collaborative tools usage.

The second key finding:

“Gen Xers (62%) and “Millennials (69%) find it much important than Baby Boomers (41%) across channels to have a seamless experience”.

When the importance is spoken by the customers, then in the battle of top spot the companies listen will fare well. Yet hearing of CSPs rate is continues that it is poor on customer’s experience. It doesn’t mean that all the CSPs are bad, but most of them are. Mostly the customers will not say about the great treat by the CSPs. In order to optimize customer’s satisfaction and provide a seamless experience, the companies are required to remove all communications barriers.

And lastly:

“According to 40 % of the surveys, service providers are notified that they are better offers or plans would make more willing in order to stay with their CSP”.

For CSPs, a common metric is “churn rate” that is something about long pondered. Now the question arises is about how can we know the churn rate is normal or acceptable? Improving retention and reducing the rate by communicating pricing options and new plan beats having competitors to knock on your doors of your customers and solving these problems are instead needed.

Using Worksheets and Workbooks in Excel 2016

According to the facilities of Excel, it is compared with a real book and that book can be called as workbook. And also it contains many pages, so it can be called as worksheets. In this article let us learn about how to use these tools in details.

Image_Excel_PictureData_430x252Adding worksheets to existing workbooks:

On the workbook we need to add worksheets most of the time to organize the contents of our file. Follow these steps to add worksheets.

  1. Next to the Sheet1 click on the plus sign.
  2. On your requirement keep on adding sheet tabs.

Deleting Worksheets:

In order to delete the Worksheets you need to Right Click on the sheet tab which you need to delete and then select Delete and the worksheet will get deleted immediately.

Copying worksheets:

Follow the below steps to make a copy of a worksheet:

  1. On the worksheet tab do right click.
  2. Select Copy or Move Sheet.
  3. Do tick on Create a copy.
  4. Select the place where you need to copy.
  5. Click Ok.

Moving worksheets:

By following this technique you can change the sequence of your worksheets aside from the step indicated: On the sheet tab click and drag to move it and then drag this to the location in the required place.

Renaming a worksheet:

You can rename your worksheets to have a more organized and meaningful workbook instead of using the usual Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.

  1. On the sheet tab do double click; the current name will get highlighted.
  2. Preferred name should be typed and click away to confirm.

Grouping worksheets:

When the grouping is done to the worksheets, then everything of one sheet will be done to other sheets automatically.

Grouping worksheets that are next to each other

  1. On the first Sheet tab do click.
  2. The Shift key should be hold down.
  3. Click on the required last Sheet tab.
  4. The Sheet Tabs belonging to the grouped sheets will turn white.

Grouping worksheets that are not next to each other

  1. Click on the first Sheet tab.
  2. Control key should be hold down.
  3. Click on any other required Sheet tabs.
  4. Now the grouped sheets’ Sheet Tabs will turn white or go pale.

How To Calibrate Your Monitor In Mac OS X?

You will get the finest viewing experience from the monitor if you adjust it. Mac OS X calibrating tool takes just minutes to use and will make sure colors are precise when you are working with photos, even playing games and watching videos.

The Display Calibrator Assistant walks you during the calibration process. Before you start, make sure that your monitor has been turned on for at least half an hour and clean.

  • Open System Preferences and then click on Displays1111111111
  • Choose the Calibrate button on the Color tab222222222222
  • Select Continue to start the display calibrator3333333333

You can follow the below mentioned steps in the assistant to adjust your monitor:

Set contrast as high as possible and adjust the monitor’s brightness:

  • You will need to use the monitor’s on screen controls for this typically accessed from a menu button on the front of the monitor.

Select a target white point:

  • You have to choose the tint for the display
  • Apple recommends via the native white point

Decide whether or not to make your settings the default:

  • This is done for other Mac users
  • For a few displays, you may also be capable to adjust the display’s gamma and luminance6666666666666

After giving the calibration settings to a profile name, they will be set as the default monitor settings. If you have above one monitor then use the calibration assistant on one monitor and try to acquire the additional monitor to match as intimately as possible. Test patterns which you can use to compare both monitors such as those provided by Display Calibration can assist. Display Calibration can assist you customize the Mac’s monitor even further than Apple’s calibration tool. If you need a specialized level of color accuracy, you can invest in a colorimeter such as the Datacolor Spyder 5PRO. For rapidly getting more accurate looking images, although, the Display Calibrator Assistant is the easy tool for the job.

What is MacKeeper and Why Should I Use It?

In this world, most people think that system cleaning tools are available only for Windows computers. But, there are various companies that build system utility apps for Mac PC also and one such software is MacKeeper. It is a collection of antivirus and security program and apart from this it can do many other things. By using this tool and all its features you can have lot of advantages. If you want to know more about what is MacKeeper and should I use it then, stick on this page for complete information.

MacKeeper is a cleaning utility program that was developed by a Zeobit company initially in the year 2009. Couple of years back, it was sold to another firm namely Kromtech Alliance in 2013. The main intention of MacKeeper is to become all rounder software that provides many features and it can be very useful for all the Mac users to increase their system’s overall performance. Users can make use of any one of these MacKeeper License versions- MacKeeper Lite, MacKeeper Standard and MacKeeper Premium.

What is MacKeeper?

As you may have heard or even used PC tune up software in Windows system. In the same way, MacKeeper is the package of many different utilities which helps in boosting the speed of your Mac system. It claims to be collection of more than a dozen features for the user and improve the performance of the system such as, it will remove the junk files, optimize, anti theft features, facilitates internet security and many more. After installing MacKeeper in the PC, it scan your system and whatever the problem detected during scanning process like system is in danger or its performance is decreased then it will give notification. There are some reasons due to which MacKeeper tool is most liked by the users.

Some features that are available in MacKeeper software:

MacKeeper allows you to find the files quickly in your Mac system. When you are having difficulty to locate particular files in the hard drive where you have saved those files? File Finder feature will help you in such situation and it allows filtering option which can determine how fast MacKeeper tool can work.

There is one more feature of the MacKeeper called Update Tracker. It will check for which and all apps installed in the user’s Mac system are not updated then notify the users and hence updates the application. Thus, it will save the time of the user from manually checking for updates.

There are many more features in MacKeeper software which includes, fast cleanup, disk usage, data encryption, wise uninstaller, creating backup of data, erasing junk files, antivirus, etc.

Major Differences Between Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

Windows Defender and Windows Firewall are the software components of the Microsoft Windows operating system, which protect home network of the user’s system and provide security of data from internet threats. Nowadays, as the technology is growing in the field of computers, every day the risk of new security threats are discovered day by day.

windows firewall and windows defenderThe usage of internet connection is increasing vastly all over the world; due to this prize of internet access has less expensive. Thus, Microsoft has developed a software component called Windows Firewall to protect home networks and along with firewalls and antivirus protection, antispyware program called Windows Defender is also necessary for the security of the computer system. Since, in this page I am going to give brief description on what are the difference between Windows Defender and Windows Firewall? Go through this article carefully you will understand thoroughly.

Windows Firewall: It is built in firewall of the Microsoft Windows PC that provides firewalling and filtering of packet functions. Windows Firewall was first introduced in the Windows XP and Windows Sever 2003 with limited features. But, later on in the newer version of Windows OS which includes Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Microsoft come up with a new idea why not to increase the security measures in Windows Firewall.

It blocks unsolicited incoming traffic over the internet by default and it also blocks unauthorized access to the user’s important network services such as sharing of files on network. Windows Firewall prevents hackers or suspicious program like worms from gaining access to the user’s computer with the help of internet. It also stop user PC from sending malicious program to the some other system.

Windows Defender: Originally, Windows Defender was an anti spyware software. In earlier version of Windows operating system, user needs to install antivirus software. Microsoft Security Essential one such solution, however Windows Defender is the new name for the version of Microsoft Security Essentials that comes pre-installed on Windows 8 system. Microsoft announced that Windows Defender is the new successor for the Microsoft Security Essentials.

Like Windows Firewall, by default Windows Defender is enabled, and no configuration is required for it to begin protecting the system. User can customize some setting in Windows Defender like which programs want to scanned or exclude it such as files and folders, emails, etc. user can choose, when to scan the computer automatically, what action should be taken when viruses are detected.

Here Are Few Security Checklist For Windows Computer

Checklists are developed by security experts by questions which deal with a number of security problems. Security includes keeping the system safe from threats and viruses, user restrictions in case of a system used by multiple resources, updating the operating system, firewalling to prevent hacking etc.

First, make sure that this tool is installed on following tools:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection: Protects from viruses, spyware, and more.
  • Spybot Search and Destroy: NUIT recommends free antispyware software to detect spyware on Windows computer. This software is safe to use with other antispyware or antimalware applications.

Protect Your Data

  • Create secure NetID password to protect all your personal information, banking information, paychecks and more. And don’t share these details with family, friends, coworkers or managers.
  • Lock your screen before, when others access information on your system.
  • Beware before sharing on social media. Sometimes cloud finds answer to your security questions like birthday date, town, model of your first car, name of your first school etc.
  • Prefer a security question which is hard-to-guess and answers, or use answers which don’t match the question.
  • Have regular backup to a secure offsite or cloud-based location.

Windows has many unique features and you can organize and monitor the basic security of the system. Let’s see some of the security checklist for windows as shown below.

Virus or Malware Protection

Viruses and malwares issues have become common in recent years. The ability of the malwares to infect your system has increased tremendously. If windows do not come with a pre-installed antivirus, then it provides Windows Defender which prevents spyware and also other potentially unwanted softwares. Microsoft offers standard antiviruses know as Microsoft Security which is really good enough for a home PC.


Firewall helps monitor to restrict network traffic essentially for preventing hackers and Malicious software from gaining access to the system. For a home PC, Windows provides a built in firewall called Windows Firewall. In Windows, Windows Firewall can be configured by going to the Control Panel > System And Security > Windows Firewall

Windows Update

Windows Updates keeps your system up to date, which means that most of the recently discovered vulnerabilities or problems/enhancements on Windows will be fixed as soon as updated. You should turn on Windows Updates to allow Windows to download and install all the latest updates for itself. This Windows Update are configured by going to Control Panel > System And Security > Windows Update

System Restore and Recovery

Windows regularly keeps on creating System Restore points, which are used to restore your system to previous date, when there is any serious issues occurred. System Restore can be accessed through Control Panel –> All Control Panel Items –> Recovery

User Account Control

User Account Control is very helpful in monitoring which applications are accessing sensitive areas of the system which can damage Windows. User Account Control can be accessed through Control Panel –> User Accounts and Family Safety –> User Accounts –> Change User Account Control Settings. Check it out to know some security checklist for Windows.