How to Repair AVI Vidoes after Corruption or Damage?

“Hello all, I am using Windows computer since from many months and I used to store lots of downloaded video files, recorded videos, movies, special events videos and so on. Few days back, I decided to move some large sized AVI files from downloaded folder to separate video folder. Thus, while moving the files, my system abruptly got shut down due to unknown reason and after a while when I re-started the system and tried playing the videos, it refused to play. It looks like my AVI file is corrupted. I don’t know the exact reason behind this issue, but the Audio Video Interleave files which are corrupted consists of high memory and it’s difficult to download again. Therefore I want to know, is there any chance to fix corrupted AVI videos files? If possible, please let me know soon. Thanks in advance.. guys!”

Off course! This has become a common problem since many people are facing this type of issue, but you don’t get panic because you are at the right place. Yes, You heard it right! With the use of Repair AVI file software, you can easily fix .avi videos in a short period of time. It is the well-established software designed and developed by industry professionals in such a way that even novice users can repair corrupted AVI videos in a simple and effective way.

How AVI videos gets corrupt or damaged?

Abrupt Termination of Video Application: While accessing AVI video file on relevant video application, if the application abruptly gets terminated due to some malfunctioning within the system then there are possibilities for .avi files to get corrupted or damaged. Thus, to get rid of this situation you can make use of repair AVI file software to fix the damaged files without any difficulty.

Improper Download of Files: Any size of video files can be downloaded via internet. Suppose if the file size of video file is large and at that same time the internet connection is very bad, then due to network issues there are chances for the download process to get interrupted, which might result in corruption of video files. Therefore to overcome this kind of irrelevant situation, you can effectively use reliable repair tool which has the efficiency to fix AVI videos in a perfect manner.

Sync Failure: At times, audio / video file might not synchronize at a right time and due to this error the AVI file might not play perfectly, which in turn leads to corruption of video file. Hence, you can make use of repair AVI file utility for fixing the damaged video files with an utmost ease.

Unsupported Codecs: Audio Video Interleave file doesn’t not supports every codecs to play the videos. If you have tried to play the AVI files in unsupported codecs, then the video file will not be played properly and at times it might also cause damage to the AVI files. In case you have faced this kind of situation, then make use of this repair software for fixing your corrupt AVI video files.

Noteworthy Features of Repair AVI Software:

AVI File Repair Software is the best utility used by most people to fix the corrupted or broken video files without causing any damage to original video files. This tool has been built with powerful algorithm which has the capability to merge and de-mux the broken parts of a corrupted file. Apart from .avi, It has an ability to repair damaged MP4, XVID and MPEG video files without any struggle. This software has capability to fix large size video and to repair video files it separates corrupted video and audio streams and adjoins the data stream side by side adjacently to play video smoothly. By using this tool, you can easily fix videos which are broken on external hard drive, SD cards, flash drives and iPods. Besides, it is also used to repair damaged videos from different brands of digital camera which include Kodak, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Fujifilm, and so on. As soon as the AVI video file is repaired, user can preview the respective .avi video files before storing into any desired location. If you are satisfied with demo version, user can buy licensed version and utilize in both Windows and Mac Operating System.