How can I take a backup to my e-mails in Microsoft Outlook?

We all know Outlook is one of the most advanced personal information manager from Microsoft is provided, and perhaps the most popular e-mail client used by the masses. With Outlook, it is very easy to manage all your emails, contacts and other data. You can view your e-mails, even if you are offline. It can be used as a work-alone application, or can work with the Exchange Server. Outlook can also be integrated with devices such as BlackBerry mobile phones.

Why do we need to backup Outlook mail ?

All your important emails, contacts, your calendar, tasks and your to-do lists, and just about every other detail of your life are in Outlook. Your mails may contain leak important and critical information such as bank accounts and password or other important information that you would never want. You can not afford to lose them at any cost. Outlook stores all important data in personal storage folder or Personal Storage Table (. Pst file). To ensure that you do not lose it all in the event of a hard disk crash or other disaster, you should create a backup of your PST file. What if your PST file suddenly refuses to open?

As PST files can be lost or damaged?

There are a number of situations, when one of your important PST file may be corrupted or missing. Some common scenarios are explained in detail below:

Abrupt near Outlook : Your Outlook program can suddenly leave without warning, due to power failure, a problem with the. Dll files or due to some other unknown reasons. In such a situation there is every possibility that PST file corrupt, so that all your important e-mails and other Outlook data inaccessible

Man-made fault : you may accidentally delete some of your e-mails or other attributes, or reformat the hard disk, resulting in a loss of the Outlook PST file.

Hard Drive Crash : Hard drive for various reasons such as bad sectors, heavy fragmentation, etc., which may lead to loss of data crash.

Virus Attacks : Virus, malware, or spyware can corrupt PST files on your hard disk, causing loss of data. Once the drive is damaged, then it does not allow you to access any file from your hard drive, including PST file data.

Why do we need to use Outlook backup tool?

Microsoft has no built-in tool set available in Outlook for implementing successful backup of Outlook mails. While there is an import and export option is provided only rarely works properly. Since the PST files are usually large. So, they save manually is a tedious and error-prone task. And you can not restore the backup settings with the Import and Export option. Therefore, we can conclude that the built-in tool is not efficient, and most of the time can lead to incomplete backups. So, there is every possibility that you will end up losing PST files. So, to be on the safe side, you can regularly backup your important mails on an efficient Outlook backup tool.

Features of Outlook backup tool

This is the best tool which can easily backup not only your Outlook e-mails, but also other Outlook data such as contacts, calendar entries, tasks, RSS feeds, etc. Your job is just a few simple clicks. This software combines multiple security features such as password protect your backup files so that unauthorized access to prevent, etc. This tool allows you to create up to four restore points. A scheduler is also included therein which periodically backup your Outlook e-mails, so if you plan your backup, do not have to keep worrying about taking backup every time. This tool provides security, backup and can emails from any version of Microsoft Outlook from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 to 2010 are used. Also compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and Windows Server 2003 & 2008.

Why is Outlook backup tool popular?

  • Technical knowledge is not required to operate the software. It’s easy and interactive
  • Includes a scheduler which carried out the automatic backup
  • Ability to compress the backup archives to save disk space
  • A number of backup profiles can be created and assigned
  • It can split and storing archives
  • Can recover Outlook data if your existing profile is damaged.
  • Can recover Outlook data if your existing profile is damaged.
  • Select Outlook data from older versions of Outlook to latest version and also from one operating system to migrate to another.