Steps to recover hard disk partition

Hard drives that are typically used for data storage in computers and laptops as vital files, office files, academic documents, photos, favorite movies, etc. Anyway, the user can lose data from the hard disk partition due to accidental formatting. Formatting the hard drive partitions includes erasing the information stored on the hard drive, accidental deletion, virus threats, partition table corruption, etc. In this state, to recover data from formatted partitions, rescue software is superior necessary to find her.

For the user to select the preferred format on the hard disk drive depends on whether he/she wants to implement the new operating system or wants to clean the entire hard disk. It is possible to format the partition where the operating system is installed, regardless treasure of information in a more logical drive. The loss of data on the partition may have occurred due to other situations such as reinstalling the operating system, formatting disks using third party software. Anyway, using recover disk partitions you can recover your lost or deleted data very easily.

Some situations of data loss typically occurring are as follows.

Accidentally formatting the incorrect drive while looking to format another drive may cause data loss. Suppose you try to format the D drive to create a free space inside and accidentally selected the E drive for formatting. This process will erase the contents stored on the E drive, causing data loss. Many times you can also format the entire hard drive and do not remember to have a backup of data, then this circumstance may result in data loss.

Disk Management is a system often used utility to manage hard drive partitions and they may contain. Disk Management allows the user to initialize the disk, as readers, and format the drive with different file systems such as FAT32, FAT16, NTFS or NTFS5 without stopping the personal machine. It has several features such tasks simplified and intuitive interface, simple and easy storage dynamic disk, confined and management of remote disk drives climbing, valid service manager disk, hold to MBR and GPT disks, and disks indirect the command line, etc. However, if you accidentally format the drive by making use of the utility management system disk that is applying third-party application lacks a proper data backup, and data stored on the particular partition data will probably be lost. The NTFS Partition Recovery allows you to recover data from NTFS formatted.

When you format the partition, the info continues to be present on the hard disk until and unless new data overwrites on it. When files are deleted or partition is formatted, the details are not actually detached, but this area is reallocated for file storage and data pointers fees are reset. Therefore, you have a chance to restore deleted partition data from formatted hard disk partition with this software.

Accidental deletion: When you want to delete the partition, which is inaccessible due to virus threats on it. However, unfortunately, you can delete the other partition with important data on it, this type of disaster can cause partition loss.

Antivirus: Antivirus software can sometimes delete the whole partition and finds himself in the loss of data especially by car, this type of circumstances occurs when the disk is severely damaged by the invading virus. Some antivirus software notifies the user before deleting the data on the partition that will not be repaired.

Some safety measures must be taken to avoid loss of data partition:

You must use good and updated antivirus software to protect your system against malicious viruses like Trojan horses, spyware, etc. If you do use legal antivirus application while some viruses can delete, modify data secretly leads partitions to become inaccessible.

Try to keep a backup of your data to another storage device, if in case partition is corrupted or deleted then save this data will be useful.

Download and use this software to recover data from the hard disk. By using this tool you will be able to retrieve data through the SCSI, IDE or SATA hard drive and more other storage devices such as memory card, USB drive and wire fire, etc. This application provides an option to view the files obtained with the preview option if you are satisfied and want to save the result once again which is very important when you need to get the full version.

Best Memory card data recovery program

A card, sometimes also known as a flash card. Because it works on flash memory technology. These days’ memory cards, the storage capacity of the devices are available in wide range of electronic and digital devices to increase. Storage cards are designed and launched by many companies like Transcend, Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, Toshiba, Siemens, Panasonic, Kodak and many more. storage cards are usually used in mobile phones, PCs and tablets, digital cameras, game consoles, iPods, etc. to store data, pictures, music, games and even valuable computer files to be important in the near future, are used, the user.

Memory cards are of different types, such as Secure Digital card as an SD card, multimedia card (MMC), Compact flash cards known. Secure Digital Cards are micro SD card and mini SD card. Native memory cards come in a package of different shapes and sizes depending on their storage capacity. People use this portable storage device to store the backup of various important files. Memory cards are used by almost all PC users. But sometimes loss or deletion of data from these cards makes depression users. Do not worry, such as memory card recover worries here is the solution to recover your lost or deleted data from the memory card. Memory card recovery software offers you this opportunity.

Consider a scenario in which you transfer your saved files. Your memory card on another device The worst thing that happens is a sudden power failure, the data transmission will interrupt the process and now he left with data loss. The scenario is that the data or folders are deleted from the memory card is not thrown back into restoring all temporary memory. Have you ever come across such a disaster? Or have you ever looked at your care and the most precious images on the memory card will be erased during transmission from your high-definition camera on the computer? Well, over mentioned data recovery tool is a complete solution for all types of deleted/lost files restores from your storage media. You can easily download this memory card recovery wizard.

Possible reasons for the deletion of data and the loss of the memory card or flash card:

  • Defects Card Reader: Memory card cannot be accessed directly in our computer system. It always needs a USB cable or card reader to read memory card on our personal computer. If the card reader that is used to access the memory card on our system is flawed and it suddenly malfunctions, then there is always a maximum chance of corruption of memory card. This tends to deletion of some valuable files along with a huge data loss.
  • The sudden removal of memory card: These types of problems are often come across it regularly. Users have to click oh his digital camera or transferring photos from it to the computer and suddenly changes mind and removed the memory card reader or unplugs the cable for a few reasons. Incorrect removal of memory card can also damage the device caused by severe data loss.
  • Delete key: Sometimes you want more space in your flash memory device or memory cards to store recent data and files. By using the “Delete” button on Windows and Mac operating system while you are connected to the computer digital camera or tablet, you delete some unimportant things. Later, you will find that you have something that was urgently needed now deleted.

This software has an extremely fast built-in tool called “Find Tool” that enables to delete all files and helps restore this missing under circumstances. It contains built-in deep scan algorithm with progressive elements that make it a perfect tool to recover data and also media files from lost or formatted hard drive. This tool has an ability to restore all file formats.

This software retrieves the file from hard drives such as Serial ATA, SCSI, IDE, PATA, etc., Secure flash memory cards digital cards, xD cards, MMC (Multi Media Card), Memory Stick, etc. USB is detected the external hard drive, FireWire drives, iPods. This application supports both Windows and Mac computers.

How to recover data from hard drive?

Mac is the operating system that is primarily designed to work on Apple devices. Actually, the Mac OS is developed by Apple Inc to provide security for user data, but with all the security features that you can find many real-life scenarios that can lead to loss of data from Mac machine Accidentally formatted Mac volume is one of the scenarios that occur frequently data loss Mac OS. You may find that every other person in this world loses your data due to accidental formatting of volume Unidad.Hay several other reasons that can lead to loss of data from a Mac volume including accidental deletion, accidental formatting, corruption of catalog and magazine files, header corruption, misuse, corruption of the file system, etc. When you lose your data due to the conditions listed below, you can not access the data that was present on the hard disk. To overcome this problem you can software Mac disk recovery in order to perform the recovery disk on Mac

Anyone can misplace your file Mac OS, due to numerous reasons including accidental format. It can happen to anyone if you are a student or professional. I assume you are using your Mac laptop and now has joined to an external device such as a pen drive and you have to make a decision to format and after format partition acknowledged mistakenly formatted an existing disk partition consisted hard crucial.Así some data files in this disaster must be alert if you are willing to recover files from a partition. This tool scans the entire hard disk space in a few minutes and gives you a preview of the files that can be recovered and from there you can decide whether to make a complete recovery or partial recovery.

Occasionally lose your precious files, because they often are not regular to make backup files. Once you have lost files after format the particular drive partition cannot be recovered effortlessly as it does not backup files that can help recover lost partition files. In such conditions, you can use the software disk recovery Mac in order to perform formatted disk recovery. Another most often out scenarios of data loss in Mac OS is due to the corruption of the disk partition takes Mac, you can also use this software as a way to recover files lost due to corruption.

Some of the most popular aspects of this program are:

  • Recover files in a couple of minutes due to the use of a powerful algorithm
  • Easy to operate tool because Gul interactive
  • Mac volume data lost/damaged can be retrieved easily
  • Able to recover files from all versions of Mac OS X Leopard, 10.5, 10.6, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra etc.

If you are the person you have lost data due to formatting or any other cause of data loss from Mac machine then you can use this tool to retrieve files from the Mac machine, anyone can get in line for evaluation purposes.

Best Software to Repair PST File of Outlook 2010

Six months back I configured my personal email ID to Microsoft Outlook 2010 since then I have been communicating with emails through this amazing email client. Last month as result of some unknown error, the PST file of my Outlook 2010 got corrupted due to which I lost access to my important emails and other Outlook attributes. I want to repair the corrupted PST file at any cost. Can anyone please suggest me the tips to fix corrupted PST file.

Are you too, suffering from similar kind of problem? Do you want to fix Outlook PST file? Then do not worry. There is a powerful PST repair software to help you, using which you can easily repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2010. Not only Outlook 2010, using this repair software you can even repair PST file of other Outlook versions including Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, and 2007.

What are the reasons that will make PST file to get corrupt?     

Well, there are a number of reasons that lead PST file to get corrupt, some common reasons are discussed below:

  • Errors while compaction of PST file: In order to reduce the space utilization of PST file on hard disk sometimes you may compact the PST file of Outlook, during compaction if any error occurs and the compaction process gets interrupted then PST file gets corrupted, if it gets corrupt you will lose the access to all the attributes of Outlook 2010.
  • Infection of the virus to PST file: Harmful computer viruses will infect entire data that comes in its vicinity. If it infects the PST file then it will get corrupt, after which you will not be able to access any attributes of Outlook 2010.

Besides of these, there are many other reasons like oversizing of PST file, improper termination of Outlook 2010, by Sharing of PST file on the unsecured network etc. Whatever may be the reason you don’t have to worry because with help of PST repair application you can effortlessly repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2010 with a great ease.

Outstanding features of PST repair application

  • It’s an effective repair software that has the ability to repair corrupted PST file without any complexity.
  • Within a very short span time, it will fix the corrupted PST file of Outlook.
  • After repairing corrupted PST file you can easily access email messages and all other attributes of Outlook 2010.
  • You can run this repair application on all new versions of Windows operating system.
  • This amazing PST repair application has been developed by the highly skilled software developers.
  • It is safest repair application that will not modify the corrupted PST file instead it will generate a new PST file, in which all the contents of corrupted PST file will be saved.
  • Using this software it is possible to repair PST files that cannot be repaired with the help of inbox repair tool of Outlook.
  • PST files that are corrupted during compression can also be repaired using this software.


Following Procedure Lets you Repair PST on Microsoft Office 2010

Nowadays, email has become an important part of an individual/business users and an organization. It enables the users to send and receive messages through an electronic medium. Many email applications and programs are available which are mainly used for email purpose only. Among them, Microsoft Office is a well-known brand name developed by Microsoft Corporation, that provides best and effective software applications. Outlook is an integral part of Microsoft Office Suite. MS Outlook is also known as a personal information manager and it is popularly used as an email application. Other than this, it also includes multiple features like calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing. Many a time, PST files that contain these attributes get corrupt due to several reasons which can cause obstruction in smooth functioning of your Outlook. If any corruption or damage occurs in PST then it results in loss of all the vital emails from PST.

In such inevitable situation, the only way left to access data from corrupt PST file is the use of third-party repair tool. PST repair utility is one such virus free software that can fix your damaged Outlook 2010 PST file easily within few simple clicks. There are many reasons for corruption of PST file. Now, let’s see the numerous scenarios where the user ends with losing the important PST file.

Factors that lead to corruption of Outlook 2010 PST file:

  • Abrupt Shutdown: the Improper closing of MS Outlook 2010 PST file many times leads to a situation where PST file becomes corrupt and inaccessible. This abrupt closing may occur due to power failure, hardware failure, etc.
  • Errors in Compacting: This procedure deals with squeezing the file, hence if any error occurs while pursing such task then it is possible that the PST file in Office 2010 may get unresponsive.
  • Corruption of Header File: When any PST file is closed in an abrupt way then, the fundamentals of MS Outlook PST file gets altered and hence it shows an error message after the corruption of PST file header as the .pst file could not be accessed, accesses denied or Outlook.pst is not personal folders file.
  • Error while upgrading: Usually, we prefer to keep the tools installed on the system updated so that they can be used in an optimal way. Since this procedure requires accessing PST file. Therefore, if any error occurs while doing so, then the PST file gets corrupted and makes all the stored data inaccessible.
  • Oversized Outlook 2010 PST: PST file in Office 2010 has a definite size limit to store data. If it exceeds this limit due to continuous incoming of data, then there is a chance of PST file corruption that further leads to heavy data loss.
  • Virus Attack: Virus infection becomes the major reason for PST file corruption. If any viruses or malware enter in your system through external storage devices then all applications including Microsoft Outlook gets infected by these malware. Sometimes downloading virus infected email attachment from Outlook makes a way to pass virus into PC. These malware or spyware corrupts entire system, thus your Outlook 2010 PST files get corrupt. So, this leads to loss of important and confidential email, notes, journals, etc.

Have you ever come across any of the above-mentioned situations?  Are you searching for a best solution for repairing corrupt or damaged PST file? Whenever you lose access to your Outlook account, don’t be panic. Be cool as it is possible to fix PST in Office 2010, which is severely corrupt by making use of the most amazing PST Repair tool with an ease.

Instructions to be followed:

  • Always keep your antivirus updated to immune your system from virus attack.
  • Keep multiple backup copies for your Outlook 2010
  • Make use of external power supply while upgrading or installing Outlook application to the system to prevent a sudden power surge.

Features of PST Repair tool:

Outlook PST Repair software is the most demanded tool in the market as it fixes your corrupted, damaged or broken PST file without any difficulty. Its powerful repair algorithms and simple user interface give you the best results in repairing Outlook PST file on MS Office 2010. It is a read-only application i.e. it extracts data from corrupt PST file without modifying original content and creates a new healthy PST file. This repairing tool is an award-winning software that can easily fix PST in Office 2010. PST repair program is even compatible for fixing corrupt or damaged PST files that are highly encrypted and password protected. It not only repairs Outlook PST. but it recovers all Outlook attributes like contacts, attachments, notes, journals, RSS feeds, reminders, etc. easily and successfully.

PST repair application is made compatible to fix corrupt 2010 PST file on all versions of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. If you do not know the exact location of PST file on your system, then this software can easily find the location and repairs your corrupt PST file in Office 2010 that too within less time. Fix PST utility provides you a free demo version that helps you to know how to fix corrupt PST file before its purchase. You can preview the repaired PST file to evaluate the chances of email recovery. Even after using demo version if you have any doubts, our professional experts are always there to assist you. One can save the repaired files once you purchase licensed version.

Perfect Utility to Restore Video Files from Corrupted Memory Card

Video captures the moments with continuous moving images and sound. Videos have a capability to reflect the exact situation of years ago. Nowadays there are many electronics device available in the market which is capable to capture videos, like mobile phones, digital cameras, CCTV camera, etc. All these devices use a memory card to store videos and other files.

A memory card is mainly used for storing and transferring data like video, image, audio and other files.  Due to transferring data memory cards come in contact with several devices like camera, mobile phones, PC, laptop, and many other electronic devices. With more properties risk of losing videos and data also increases, and losing important videos which may contain priceless moments will be so painful.

But now it is possible to restore deleted or lost video files from memory card as well as from other storage devices by using Media Recovery Software. This software makes enable to retrieve videos including audio, images, and other important files. It has the special algorithm to retrieve video files from corrupted memory card and other devices like camera, hard disk, flash drive, etc.

Causes for losing video files from memory card

Accidental Deletion: There are various features available in the digital camera, so little careless while try to use features may lead to chances of losing video files from camera by accidental deletion.

Formatting: Formatting is a simple step for emptying the whole memory card with less effort, sometimes while emptying it if all videos are not saved or transferred to another storage device they may get deleted.

File system corruption: Videos can be lost or deleted due to file system corruption of the memory card. Memory card come across the various device which having different OS which may the reason of file corruption as a result memory card may get inaccessible.

Memory card Corruption: Memory card may get physically damaged due to improper handling while inserting and ejecting from any device and be inaccessible. Which will result in losing videos as well as other files which were stored on a memory card?

Third Party Tool:  Video files stored in the memory card may get deleted by any third party tool installed in the PC or laptop.

Low battery: Capturing videos while the camera is indicating low battery may be the reason for losing videos.

Other Reason: Despite above-mentioned causes there are several causes which may be responsible for losing videos files such as getting switch off while transferring data, virus attack, etc.

How it is possible to recover video files from corrupted memory card

When videos or any file stored in the memory card are deleted due to known or unknown reasons, only the references of those files are deleted, actually, videos and other files are still present in the memory card. By using format or delete all operation device marks memory card as empty and makes it able to store new files on the memory card. New files are overwritten on the old unreferenced files which were previously stored in those locations.

So it is essential to stop using the memory card to store new files, to retrieve all lost or deleted videos successfully.

For retrieving deleted videos and files from memory card and from other storage devices you need Media Recovery Software which is highly used reliable software.

Features of the Tool:

  • Retrieve the deleted or lost files from memory card, hard drive, pen drive and other storage devices.
  • Restores almost all types of files including video, audio, images from formatted drive or storage devices.
  • Recovered data can be saved to your desired location or storage device.
  • Two versions of software are available for both Windows and Mac.

Efficient Way to Restore Images from Digital Camera

Digital Cameras are commonly used for capturing photos and videos on your favorite occasions such as tours, marriages, business meetings, etc. Photos taken on digital cameras are stored in memory cards like SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC etc. Images stored on a memory card are highly possible to get a loss, damage, corrupt or delete in various ways .if you don’t have a backup of these valuable photos, then it makes you suffer very much at the time of when you need those.

Are you facing any kind of image loss problems from your digital camera? Then the only solution is considering a better and reliable recovery tool like Recover Digital Camera Photos

Some Reasons for Image Loss from Digital Camera

  • Accidental Deletion: This Scenario generally happens without your attention. When you are working your camera, there is a possibility to press delete button accidentally while viewing photos. As a result of this, photos can get deleted from your memory card and you can’t access it further.
  • Format Error: If your file system of memory card gets corrupted, then your digital camera won’t allow you to take photos, and it gives a message to format the memory card soon. In this situation, if you press ‘yes’ option, then it erases all your photos and videos from the SD card. If you select the option ‘no’, it won’t allow you capture new images.
  • Virus Attack: Suppose your digital camera memory card is connected to some virus-infected PCs/laptop which is not protected with Anti-virus software. In such a situation, viruses can infect on your memory card, making important photos corrupted.
  • Interruption while transferring: Transferring photos and videos from the digital camera to PCs/laptop is a common process, to make your memory space available for capturing new photos on your camera. If you use cut and paste method for transferring data from your SD card into your PC, interruption like accidental ejection of memory card, power surge may corrupt the card and photos may become inaccessible.

 Recover Digital Camera Photos is specially built to recover all your photos and videos from your digital camera easily. It uses the advanced algorithm to perform scanning process and it brings back all your deleted or lost photos in hassle-free manner.

 Highlighted Features of this Software

  • Using this software you can restore various popular picture formats like JPEG, JPG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, etc and raw photos formats like CR2, CRW, SR2, ARW, ORF, RAF, NEF etc.
  • It easily recovers RAW photos of digital camera brands such as Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Casio, Pentax etc.
  • You can perform digital camera picture recovery within few simple mouse clicks.
  • It supports popular memory cards types including SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC, etc.
  • Recover Digital camera Photos tool provides both Data and File Type View to list undeleted images. Using this option one can customize the view of recovered photos easily.
  • This tool runs on latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems effectively.
  • It provides a preview option; by using this option one can preview recovered data prior to restoration.

Points to remember

  • Regularly take back up of important photos from your digital camera.
  • Never switch off your digital camera while data transferring.

MS Office Files Open as Read- Only

It is being heard with several users that MS Office open as read-only. This seems to be annoying when your Word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations open with read-only mode. This usually happens when you try to open Office documents that are created with older version of MS Office. Your current version of MS Office running in your system always opens such file in a compatibility mode. Therefore, whenever you open files created with earlier versions, it is opened with read-only mode; you are not allowed to edit it directly.
Suppose that you have Office files created with Office 2003 and you attempt to open those files with MS Office 2010, the file will be opened under protected view. So, here is a solution to avoid MS Office file opening with a read-only mode:
• Open any Microsoft Office program installed o n your computer
• Press over the Office icon available at the top-left corner
• Select Options and open the Trust Center
• Continue to click on Trust Center settings
• Select Protected View option
• A list of protected view options will be display, disable any of the option by unticking on it
• Press on Ok button
You need to repeat this same procedure for all programs in the Microsoft Office suite (Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint).
Alternate approach: You try another approach to solve this read-onl issue with Office documents by re-saving it. The method is as follows.
• Open the Office file that opens with read—only mode
• Click on File -> Save as
• In the dialog box displayed, click on Tools option
• Select General Options
• Untick the option Read-Only Recommended option
• Continue to save the file
Open the file and see if the problem persists. If this works you can try the same approach with all other Office documents.

Apple Challenges Government Demand To Crack Drug Dealer’s iPhone In New York

Apple has challenged the U.S. Department of Justice over locked iPhone and the encrypted information which it contains. It is owned by a suspect methamphetamine distributor in New York that the iPhone 5s is supposed to contain sign of a drug conspiracy, central prosecutors said. The government claims that its experts can’t enter the locked iPhone and require Apple’s aid to get

The company’s lawyers claimed that the government has failed to prove it has tried all other means to crack the iPhone. Apple challenged the government’s authority to power tech firms to access encrypted data. The iPhone maker considers that the Justice Department has vanished too far in its use of the All Writs Act, the law raised by the government to force Apple to support in the investigation. “The government has completely failed to fulfill its burden to prove that Apple’s help in this case is essential,” Apple’s lawyers marked in a brief that The Court reject the government’s unsupported interpretation of the All Writs Act, and reject the government’s application.” Apple’s challenge trailed in the Eastern District of New York, tracks the unparalleled legal battle among the company and the FBI in San Bernardino, where the administration’s law administration powers were set to hit with consumer privacy and encryption knowledge in a courtroom

In San Bernardino, federal investigators wanted Apple’s aid to make new software to break into an iPhone used by Syed Farook, who was with its wife killed 14 people and injured 22 in a mass gunfire in 2015. Last week, the Justice Department set that the court order force Apple to help, even after the weird and unexpected turn of events in San Bernardino. “The government remains to require Apple’s help in accessing the data which is approved to search by warrant,” federal prosecutors wrote.

Apple’s lawyers said they will push the government to verify why the San Bernardino method can’t work on the New York iPhone as well as they will ask the government technicians to  indicate what other methods they have tried, and will need them to disclose the extent of their search to find outside gatherings that may be able to assist. In San Bernardino fight, the Justice Department said that the Apple alone had the capability to access the device.

About Rising To The Top In Cloud Services

In this article you let us know about which cloud service provider is the best with the help of “2016 Connected Subscriber Report” a recent Salesforce study.

imagesFirst of all let us consider the cloud service provider is providing sound service and is satisfying the needs of the customers and consider that the customers do not hate the service. In the study there are three keys that had hit by the Salesforce, which are looked in general by the communications service providers.

The first key finding:

“The subscribers of Millennial are 79% which are more when compared with 55% in order to research their wireless provider, telecom carriers or Cable Company before entering into contracts”.

The decision of how people come to buy is important and according to this information, Millennials are doing it in more collaborative ways when compared to Baby Boomers. As an indicator CSPs should take this to the buyers are likely multiple collaborative tools usage.

The second key finding:

“Gen Xers (62%) and “Millennials (69%) find it much important than Baby Boomers (41%) across channels to have a seamless experience”.

When the importance is spoken by the customers, then in the battle of top spot the companies listen will fare well. Yet hearing of CSPs rate is continues that it is poor on customer’s experience. It doesn’t mean that all the CSPs are bad, but most of them are. Mostly the customers will not say about the great treat by the CSPs. In order to optimize customer’s satisfaction and provide a seamless experience, the companies are required to remove all communications barriers.

And lastly:

“According to 40 % of the surveys, service providers are notified that they are better offers or plans would make more willing in order to stay with their CSP”.

For CSPs, a common metric is “churn rate” that is something about long pondered. Now the question arises is about how can we know the churn rate is normal or acceptable? Improving retention and reducing the rate by communicating pricing options and new plan beats having competitors to knock on your doors of your customers and solving these problems are instead needed.