Using Worksheets and Workbooks in Excel 2016

According to the facilities of Excel, it is compared with a real book and that book can be called as workbook. And also it contains many pages, so it can be called as worksheets. In this article let us learn about how to use these tools in details.

Image_Excel_PictureData_430x252Adding worksheets to existing workbooks:

On the workbook we need to add worksheets most of the time to organize the contents of our file. Follow these steps to add worksheets.

  1. Next to the Sheet1 click on the plus sign.
  2. On your requirement keep on adding sheet tabs.

Deleting Worksheets:

In order to delete the Worksheets you need to Right Click on the sheet tab which you need to delete and then select Delete and the worksheet will get deleted immediately.

Copying worksheets:

Follow the below steps to make a copy of a worksheet:

  1. On the worksheet tab do right click.
  2. Select Copy or Move Sheet.
  3. Do tick on Create a copy.
  4. Select the place where you need to copy.
  5. Click Ok.

Moving worksheets:

By following this technique you can change the sequence of your worksheets aside from the step indicated: On the sheet tab click and drag to move it and then drag this to the location in the required place.

Renaming a worksheet:

You can rename your worksheets to have a more organized and meaningful workbook instead of using the usual Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.

  1. On the sheet tab do double click; the current name will get highlighted.
  2. Preferred name should be typed and click away to confirm.

Grouping worksheets:

When the grouping is done to the worksheets, then everything of one sheet will be done to other sheets automatically.

Grouping worksheets that are next to each other

  1. On the first Sheet tab do click.
  2. The Shift key should be hold down.
  3. Click on the required last Sheet tab.
  4. The Sheet Tabs belonging to the grouped sheets will turn white.

Grouping worksheets that are not next to each other

  1. Click on the first Sheet tab.
  2. Control key should be hold down.
  3. Click on any other required Sheet tabs.
  4. Now the grouped sheets’ Sheet Tabs will turn white or go pale.