Use This Tool to Fix QuickTime File

movQuickTime is a media player designed and developed by Apple Inc. It is most widely used media player for playing video files. It is capable to handle various digital file formats such as videos, images, audios, etc. The latest version of QuickTime player supports Windows Vista and latest version of Windows operating system along with Mac OS X Leopard and its latest system. It was released by Apple Inc in August 2009. Beside this sometime people face some issue with their media files. When user tries to play a file with QuickTime media player, then it denies and shows some error message. This situation may occur due to the corruption of file. After facing such issue people want to fix QuickTime video file at any cost.

Now it is possible to repair corrupted QuickTime files by using third party tool. There are a number of apps are available over internet which allow user to fix QuickTime file. But all of these tools do not work as expected. Sometime these tools severally corrupt the QuickTime file instance of repairing it. So in order to repair QuickTime files, you need and advanced program which ensures the safety and security of QuickTime files. Fix QuickTime File is one of the such advanced tool which has specially designed to provide such assurance to the users. Before going to the repair procedure of this application let us talk about some most common reasons which may lead to the corruption of QuickTime files:

  • During play a file with QuickTime player, sometime it shows different behavior like audio comes without video or video without audio. It is Sync issue which occurs due to incomplete downloading of video file from internet.
  • File header contains various information of a file. If the header of video file gets damaged or corrupted due to virus infection or any other cause, then it will become unplayable.
  • At the time transferring files from system to other external storage media, if people remove the external drive before completing the process, then it will become unplayable.
  • If the QuickTime file store in bad sector of hard drive, then it became unreachable.

If your QuickTime player fails to play any video file, there is no need to worry anymore because it can be easily resolved by using Fix QuickTime File application. It is an advanced read only utility which means it does not modify the original file, instance of modification it create a new file with the same name and read the information from damaged files and put into new one. This program has a number of features which allow the user to fix severally corrupted QuickTime files easily.

With the help of this app, users can fix large size QuickTime files easily. It also supports various other video file format like mp4, mov, etc. for repairing. At the time of repairing video file it separated both audio and video track and after fixing merge them and make a healthy file. Fix QuickTime File supports all the latest version of Windows operating system.