Recover Pictures from SDHC Card

SDHC cards are broadly used in digital devices like digital cameras, Smartphone, PDA, game consoles and other electronic gadgets. This small piece of SDHC card holds a huge number of pictures, songs, movies, music files, etc that can be transferred to the system using a designated card slot. You prefer this SDHC card to store all your precious photos. But sometimes disaster may takes place where you lose all the photos from SDHC card because of numerous reasons. If this happens then immediately stop using SDHC card as it may overwrite the files that make the recovery of photos difficult and sometimes impossible. If you want to get an answer on how to recover photos from SDHC card then it is suggested to prefer this SDHC recovery tool to get back all your photos within a span of few minutes. This SDHC recovery tool works by the scanning methodology that helps you in an effective manner to rescue all the photos with ease.

Causes that results in loss of photos from SDHC card

Mishandling of the SDHC card like capturing photos and deleting for many times continuously or capturing photos continuously when the camera is on low battery, usage of the SDHC card on different digital devices, etc are the most common reasons that results in loss of photos from SDHC card. When you connect SDHC card on your PC you may get the format error like “card not formatted, want to format now?” generally this error messages pops up when the file system of the SDHC card is corrupted. You can overcome this type of problem by formatting SDHC card but formatting SDHC card erases all the photos from your SDHC card. Other reasons like accidental deletion, virus infection, use of unreliable antivirus tool, sudden removable of SDHC card, etc results in loss of photos from SDHC card.

Let us know what are the important features of photo recovery tool

Photo recovery application helps in recovery of photos when SDHC card is corrupted, damaged, showing formatted or initialized errors, etc. This application can be applied to restore photos from many different brands of SDHC cards which includes Kingston, Panasonic, Toshiba, Lexar, HP, PNY, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, etc. This program is designed with user friendly interface and hence there is no need of any professional skills requied to execute photo recovery operation on SDHC card. You can easily carry out SanDisk 32GB MicroSD card recovery operation with the aid of this card recovery application.

Important tips

  • Keep your SDHC cards free from virus and never connect SDHC card on virus infected drives
  • Never conduct photo transfer process when power consistently fluctuate or power is running out
  • Do not use SDHC card between different cameras
  • Never pull out your SDHC card while the storage device is in process