MS Office Files Open as Read- Only

It is being heard with several users that MS Office open as read-only. This seems to be annoying when your Word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations open with read-only mode. This usually happens when you try to open Office documents that are created with older version of MS Office. Your current version of MS Office running in your system always opens such file in a compatibility mode. Therefore, whenever you open files created with earlier versions, it is opened with read-only mode; you are not allowed to edit it directly.
Suppose that you have Office files created with Office 2003 and you attempt to open those files with MS Office 2010, the file will be opened under protected view. So, here is a solution to avoid MS Office file opening with a read-only mode:
• Open any Microsoft Office program installed o n your computer
• Press over the Office icon available at the top-left corner
• Select Options and open the Trust Center
• Continue to click on Trust Center settings
• Select Protected View option
• A list of protected view options will be display, disable any of the option by unticking on it
• Press on Ok button
You need to repeat this same procedure for all programs in the Microsoft Office suite (Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint).
Alternate approach: You try another approach to solve this read-onl issue with Office documents by re-saving it. The method is as follows.
• Open the Office file that opens with read—only mode
• Click on File -> Save as
• In the dialog box displayed, click on Tools option
• Select General Options
• Untick the option Read-Only Recommended option
• Continue to save the file
Open the file and see if the problem persists. If this works you can try the same approach with all other Office documents.