Methods to recover HFS partition from Mac machines

Mac computers are popularly used by most people because it offers many advanced features that are useful in one way or another. Macintosh systems are produced by Apple Inc., which is well known for producing a variety of devices with built-in Mac OS. This comes up different products like the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.

MacBook Air is thinner laptop developed by Apple based on Mac OS X and the machine starts in record time. Use the HFS and HFSX to store and manipulate data with ease. Hard drive of your Mac system is divided into multiple logical units called volumes as to remove files from the file system of the application.

HFS and HFSX supports journaling feature that maintains the information of all changes made to the file in the hard drive of your Mac You could lose all your valuable data stored in these systems due to journal corruption. This corrupted Mac partitions resulting in data loss.

Consider a scenario where you were accessing some of the important files on your laptop MacBook Air. Suddenly, while watching the files on your laptop got unexpectedly interrupted due to low battery. Later, when turned on the laptop and a message showed unexpected error which resulted in inaccessibility of files. This error has been detected due to the improper turn off your laptop, because it damages the Mac partition You should be worried and looking for the best partition recovery software that can restore Mac HFS partition in a few basic steps.

No need for tensioning your search to recover data from Mac HFS partition ends here. One such best recovery tool is a partition recovery tool that performs data recovery on Mac OS X and above.

The following are some of the common scenarios of loss of data that you can come across in their future.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • The data stored on Mac computer can be lost or become inaccessible due to volume header corruption and partition errors.
  • RE-installing Mac OS errors that causes the user to format your existing Mac partition, which in turn causes loss of data partitions.
  • Abrupt expulsion of the memory card or any other data storage device while downloading media files from digital camera to the hard drive of your Mac machine leads to data loss.
  • Formatting wrong instead of formatting partitions as drive D by mistake you can format the C drive and then the data on drive C will be lost.
  • Interruption during the transfer of media files from a storage device to the hard disk or vice versa, makes the data inaccessible. This is mainly due to improper use of memory card, poor diet or improper shutdown of your system.
  • Videos in the memory card is filled with photos and other media files can corrupt data stored on the memory card from the camera.
  • The catalog file corruption is the other main cause of loss of data from Mac file systems This is very important as it helps the user to access files easily.

Why is it possible to restore data after loss of use of data recovery software?

Deleted or lost data from Mac hard drive or other storage unit secondary data may not be immediately clear. The data will be present in the same memory slot until it is overwritten with new information. Once deleted data is overwritten is then impossible to recover data using any data recovery software.

If your data is not overwritten then you will be able to recover using data recovery software from any type of data storage device. This software effectively recovers documents, files, photos, videos, RAW file format and audio files easily.

This software supports data recovery on Windows and Mac OS. It is read only software that ensures it will not change the original content of the data deleted / lost. This tool successfully recovers data from the internal drive and external hard drive. This utility also supports data recovery from laptop hard drives and USB external hard drives, flash memory cards, FireWire drives, etc. Allows you to view the restored data after the completion of the recovery process by sight “File Type “or” Data Type “. This software allows you to recover lost partitions from different types of hard disk after repartitioning.

Now let’s see how the data recovery software work?

Get your demo version and install it on the hard drive of your computer. Once the installation process is finished run the software and select the appropriate recovery options faced when using the software. When the recovery process gets over you can check the performance of the software and if you are satisfied with the results you can opt for the full version of data recovery tools available online.