Major Differences Between Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

Windows Defender and Windows Firewall are the software components of the Microsoft Windows operating system, which protect home network of the user’s system and provide security of data from internet threats. Nowadays, as the technology is growing in the field of computers, every day the risk of new security threats are discovered day by day.

windows firewall and windows defenderThe usage of internet connection is increasing vastly all over the world; due to this prize of internet access has less expensive. Thus, Microsoft has developed a software component called Windows Firewall to protect home networks and along with firewalls and antivirus protection, antispyware program called Windows Defender is also necessary for the security of the computer system. Since, in this page I am going to give brief description on what are the difference between Windows Defender and Windows Firewall? Go through this article carefully you will understand thoroughly.

Windows Firewall: It is built in firewall of the Microsoft Windows PC that provides firewalling and filtering of packet functions. Windows Firewall was first introduced in the Windows XP and Windows Sever 2003 with limited features. But, later on in the newer version of Windows OS which includes Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Microsoft come up with a new idea why not to increase the security measures in Windows Firewall.

It blocks unsolicited incoming traffic over the internet by default and it also blocks unauthorized access to the user’s important network services such as sharing of files on network. Windows Firewall prevents hackers or suspicious program like worms from gaining access to the user’s computer with the help of internet. It also stop user PC from sending malicious program to the some other system.

Windows Defender: Originally, Windows Defender was an anti spyware software. In earlier version of Windows operating system, user needs to install antivirus software. Microsoft Security Essential one such solution, however Windows Defender is the new name for the version of Microsoft Security Essentials that comes pre-installed on Windows 8 system. Microsoft announced that Windows Defender is the new successor for the Microsoft Security Essentials.

Like Windows Firewall, by default Windows Defender is enabled, and no configuration is required for it to begin protecting the system. User can customize some setting in Windows Defender like which programs want to scanned or exclude it such as files and folders, emails, etc. user can choose, when to scan the computer automatically, what action should be taken when viruses are detected.