How to Recover Data from Formatted Mac Hard Drive

“I’m on a Mac machine that has a formatted hard drive connected to it. I’m looking to recover a folder from this hard drive that was lost after formatting this hard drive so is it possible to recover this folder back from a formatted hard drive on Mac?”

All the data from a hard drive that was formatted can be recovered back in an easy and secure manner without having to worry about further data loss. Such recovery can be easily performed using a formatted Mac hard drive recovery tool.

In the following video is a formatted hard drive recovery software for Mac which can be used on all Mac machines to recover data from a formatted hard drive. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to recover back all your data from a formatted hard drive on Mac using a recommended software such as the one used in the above video.

Hard drives come in a large storage size which means that you can save enormous amounts of data in it. The data saved on your Mac hard drive can be in the tunes of GB’s or TB’s. Whenever you have such large amounts of data on a hard drive it is mandatory to carry a backup copy for the same. You might never know when the data from your hard drive might go missing or deleted off it. There can be various ways of losing data from your hard drive and the most common scenario is formatting the hard drive.

Formatting a hard drive can be performed by the user intentionally or accidentally. Intentional formatting of hard drive is done knowing that all the data will be lost and the user is well aware of the fact. The user might also carry a backup when the formatting is done intentionally but however when it is performed accidentally, there may or may not be an updated backup of all the data that was lost during the format. This can be really frustrating when there is no backup available when the lost data is huge.

However, with the above software you can put an end to this once and for all. With a recovery software that is designed to perform a recovery and retrieve all the data from a formatted hard drive, you are never in a position to lose data permanently. As already shown in the above video, it just takes a few mouse clicks to get all your data back from a formatted hard drive on Mac.

What are the Pros of this formatted Mac hard drive recovery  software?

A few pros from the above video that can be observed are:

  • Its got a really good and well placed buttons on its interface that is easy to reach and click. Nothing seems to be buried on the interface and the recovery can be performed without any hassle.
  • The recovered data can be saved back to a safe folder on your Mac.
  • The entire data recovery from the hard drive hardly required a few minutes.
  • The files and folders and recovered back in the original name and size, nothing is changed during the recovery process.