Best Software to Repair PST File of Outlook 2010

Six months back I configured my personal email ID to Microsoft Outlook 2010 since then I have been communicating with emails through this amazing email client. Last month as result of some unknown error, the PST file of my Outlook 2010 got corrupted due to which I lost access to my important emails and other Outlook attributes. I want to repair the corrupted PST file at any cost. Can anyone please suggest me the tips to fix corrupted PST file.

Are you too, suffering from similar kind of problem? Do you want to fix Outlook PST file? Then do not worry. There is a powerful PST repair software to help you, using which you can easily repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2010. Not only Outlook 2010, using this repair software you can even repair PST file of other Outlook versions including Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, and 2007.

What are the reasons that will make PST file to get corrupt?     

Well, there are a number of reasons that lead PST file to get corrupt, some common reasons are discussed below:

  • Errors while compaction of PST file: In order to reduce the space utilization of PST file on hard disk sometimes you may compact the PST file of Outlook, during compaction if any error occurs and the compaction process gets interrupted then PST file gets corrupted, if it gets corrupt you will lose the access to all the attributes of Outlook 2010.
  • Infection of the virus to PST file: Harmful computer viruses will infect entire data that comes in its vicinity. If it infects the PST file then it will get corrupt, after which you will not be able to access any attributes of Outlook 2010.

Besides of these, there are many other reasons like oversizing of PST file, improper termination of Outlook 2010, by Sharing of PST file on the unsecured network etc. Whatever may be the reason you don’t have to worry because with help of PST repair application you can effortlessly repair corrupted PST file of Outlook 2010 with a great ease.

Outstanding features of PST repair application

  • It’s an effective repair software that has the ability to repair corrupted PST file without any complexity.
  • Within a very short span time, it will fix the corrupted PST file of Outlook.
  • After repairing corrupted PST file you can easily access email messages and all other attributes of Outlook 2010.
  • You can run this repair application on all new versions of Windows operating system.
  • This amazing PST repair application has been developed by the highly skilled software developers.
  • It is safest repair application that will not modify the corrupted PST file instead it will generate a new PST file, in which all the contents of corrupted PST file will be saved.
  • Using this software it is possible to repair PST files that cannot be repaired with the help of inbox repair tool of Outlook.
  • PST files that are corrupted during compression can also be repaired using this software.


Following Procedure Lets you Repair PST on Microsoft Office 2010

Nowadays, email has become an important part of an individual/business users and an organization. It enables the users to send and receive messages through an electronic medium. Many email applications and programs are available which are mainly used for email purpose only. Among them, Microsoft Office is a well-known brand name developed by Microsoft Corporation, that provides best and effective software applications. Outlook is an integral part of Microsoft Office Suite. MS Outlook is also known as a personal information manager and it is popularly used as an email application. Other than this, it also includes multiple features like calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing. Many a time, PST files that contain these attributes get corrupt due to several reasons which can cause obstruction in smooth functioning of your Outlook. If any corruption or damage occurs in PST then it results in loss of all the vital emails from PST.

In such inevitable situation, the only way left to access data from corrupt PST file is the use of third-party repair tool. PST repair utility is one such virus free software that can fix your damaged Outlook 2010 PST file easily within few simple clicks. There are many reasons for corruption of PST file. Now, let’s see the numerous scenarios where the user ends with losing the important PST file.

Factors that lead to corruption of Outlook 2010 PST file:

  • Abrupt Shutdown: the Improper closing of MS Outlook 2010 PST file many times leads to a situation where PST file becomes corrupt and inaccessible. This abrupt closing may occur due to power failure, hardware failure, etc.
  • Errors in Compacting: This procedure deals with squeezing the file, hence if any error occurs while pursing such task then it is possible that the PST file in Office 2010 may get unresponsive.
  • Corruption of Header File: When any PST file is closed in an abrupt way then, the fundamentals of MS Outlook PST file gets altered and hence it shows an error message after the corruption of PST file header as the .pst file could not be accessed, accesses denied or Outlook.pst is not personal folders file.
  • Error while upgrading: Usually, we prefer to keep the tools installed on the system updated so that they can be used in an optimal way. Since this procedure requires accessing PST file. Therefore, if any error occurs while doing so, then the PST file gets corrupted and makes all the stored data inaccessible.
  • Oversized Outlook 2010 PST: PST file in Office 2010 has a definite size limit to store data. If it exceeds this limit due to continuous incoming of data, then there is a chance of PST file corruption that further leads to heavy data loss.
  • Virus Attack: Virus infection becomes the major reason for PST file corruption. If any viruses or malware enter in your system through external storage devices then all applications including Microsoft Outlook gets infected by these malware. Sometimes downloading virus infected email attachment from Outlook makes a way to pass virus into PC. These malware or spyware corrupts entire system, thus your Outlook 2010 PST files get corrupt. So, this leads to loss of important and confidential email, notes, journals, etc.

Have you ever come across any of the above-mentioned situations?  Are you searching for a best solution for repairing corrupt or damaged PST file? Whenever you lose access to your Outlook account, don’t be panic. Be cool as it is possible to fix PST in Office 2010, which is severely corrupt by making use of the most amazing PST Repair tool with an ease.

Instructions to be followed:

  • Always keep your antivirus updated to immune your system from virus attack.
  • Keep multiple backup copies for your Outlook 2010
  • Make use of external power supply while upgrading or installing Outlook application to the system to prevent a sudden power surge.

Features of PST Repair tool:

Outlook PST Repair software is the most demanded tool in the market as it fixes your corrupted, damaged or broken PST file without any difficulty. Its powerful repair algorithms and simple user interface give you the best results in repairing Outlook PST file on MS Office 2010. It is a read-only application i.e. it extracts data from corrupt PST file without modifying original content and creates a new healthy PST file. This repairing tool is an award-winning software that can easily fix PST in Office 2010. PST repair program is even compatible for fixing corrupt or damaged PST files that are highly encrypted and password protected. It not only repairs Outlook PST. but it recovers all Outlook attributes like contacts, attachments, notes, journals, RSS feeds, reminders, etc. easily and successfully.

PST repair application is made compatible to fix corrupt 2010 PST file on all versions of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. If you do not know the exact location of PST file on your system, then this software can easily find the location and repairs your corrupt PST file in Office 2010 that too within less time. Fix PST utility provides you a free demo version that helps you to know how to fix corrupt PST file before its purchase. You can preview the repaired PST file to evaluate the chances of email recovery. Even after using demo version if you have any doubts, our professional experts are always there to assist you. One can save the repaired files once you purchase licensed version.

Regain access to Damaged PST File

The best way to manage multiple credentials mail domains on single platform to make use of MS Outlook that was developed by Microsoft Inc. for the same reason. In addition to managing Outlook emails more there are other things as well as a calendar, task manager, contacts, journal, notes decisions, projects, rss feeds and appointments. Each of the attributes Outlook is very important and all are saved in a single file that is PST. PST stands for Personal Storage Table, which manages each of Outlook features with great approximation. So if one of the attributes Outlook get missing or becomes inaccessible, then it can never be recovered by a manual step. Thus, if a user needs to recover deleted PST e-mail, it is recommended to use to restore PST files.

Outlook which is mainly used to manage e-mails, go to its saturation point if junk messages are not deleted from the stored position when not required. If junk messages are not deleted from Outlook PST file, then the user works can get corrupted due to oversizing. So it is always recommended to get rid of spam as soon as possible. Sometimes while generating such a user unnecessary mails lose some of their important mails by accidental deletion. But these missing emails can be upgraded by using the tool because each defines a few minutes of its implementation. For more, visit his website:

Since we know that the creation of the archive PST file Outlook not only saves a lot of space, but also improves its working system. But doing arch corruption of the cause of PST file Outlook PST file frequently. Upon the occurrence of such a question reach file becomes unavailable for use making each part of the content inaccessible. The password for this show Outlook sends a message to the user as “xxxx.pst can not be accessed – 0 × 80040116”., “The file could not be added to the folder action could not be completed “,” Group Microsoft Exchange Server – Receiving ‘reported error (0x8004060C of):’ Unknown Error 0x8004060C “or” Unable to copy the item “depicting the corruption of PST file If a user faces. this state of affairs, then it can be reversed by using the given tool that has been described above to repair PST files.

Mails can be lacking in the other PST different reasons such as deleting emails related to the use of third-party utility such as anti-virus file deletion due to use of Shift Delete command, Radiation element deleted, etc. There are other reasons that can cause unreachable plethora of oversized PST file as PST file header corruption, virus attack, improper termination, etc.

Many people leave the process of recovery or repair PST file because they do not know the exact location of the PST file on the hard disk. This inefficiency of the common user is sorted by this tool that scans every sector of the hard disk and offers each early data within a few minutes of use. GUI (Graphic User Interface) of this application is so user-friendly that it can be used by novices as simply following a few simple steps. Although it is primarily for the repair process can also revive missing formatted emails. Eml files on the hard disk. After recovering deleted emails is eml format., It can be incorporated in the new PST file by simply dragging and dropping the option. Thus the user can use the missing elements as if no issue has never occurred. PST file that has been corrupted or damaged can be restored keeping intact the PST and backup user data to be evaluated by another person file.

Thus, looking at the characteristics of exemplary restoration of PST files can be used, where appropriate, the question arises with respect to Outlook. The user can obtain the trial version from the internet.