About Rising To The Top In Cloud Services

In this article you let us know about which cloud service provider is the best with the help of “2016 Connected Subscriber Report” a recent Salesforce study.

imagesFirst of all let us consider the cloud service provider is providing sound service and is satisfying the needs of the customers and consider that the customers do not hate the service. In the study there are three keys that had hit by the Salesforce, which are looked in general by the communications service providers.

The first key finding:

“The subscribers of Millennial are 79% which are more when compared with 55% in order to research their wireless provider, telecom carriers or Cable Company before entering into contracts”.

The decision of how people come to buy is important and according to this information, Millennials are doing it in more collaborative ways when compared to Baby Boomers. As an indicator CSPs should take this to the buyers are likely multiple collaborative tools usage.

The second key finding:

“Gen Xers (62%) and “Millennials (69%) find it much important than Baby Boomers (41%) across channels to have a seamless experience”.

When the importance is spoken by the customers, then in the battle of top spot the companies listen will fare well. Yet hearing of CSPs rate is continues that it is poor on customer’s experience. It doesn’t mean that all the CSPs are bad, but most of them are. Mostly the customers will not say about the great treat by the CSPs. In order to optimize customer’s satisfaction and provide a seamless experience, the companies are required to remove all communications barriers.

And lastly:

“According to 40 % of the surveys, service providers are notified that they are better offers or plans would make more willing in order to stay with their CSP”.

For CSPs, a common metric is “churn rate” that is something about long pondered. Now the question arises is about how can we know the churn rate is normal or acceptable? Improving retention and reducing the rate by communicating pricing options and new plan beats having competitors to knock on your doors of your customers and solving these problems are instead needed.